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New testing tools

Nowadays, the development of high-quality software is intertwined with automated testing. Therefore, the package contains testing tools to help you make it easy.

To use them, it is enough to add the ScreenTesting trait to your testing class, for example:

namespace Tests\Feature;

use Orchid\Support\Testing\ScreenTesting;
use Tests\TestCase;

class ExampleTest extends TestCase
    use ScreenTesting;

After that, a new method for obtaining screen data by route name will be available:

public function testExampleScreen()
    $screen = $this->screen('platform.example');

        ->assertSee('Example screen');

        ->assertSee('Hello, world! This is a toast message.');

        ->method('showToast', [
            'toast' => 'Custom message'
        ->assertSee('Custom message');

In many cases, routes take parameters, for example users/{user}/edit, in order to transfer them, you can use the method:

$screen = $this->screen('')
        'user' => 1,

Most likely, your routes are closed from guests and are available only for users. You need to call the actingAs method passing the user to log in.

// Create a single App\Models\User instance...
$user = User::factory()->create();

$screen = $this->screen('platform.example')->actingAs($user);