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Orchid Annotated week 2021-01-18

This week, 3 authors have sent 15 commits to mastering and released 4 releases. Here's what we worked on:

Orchid Platform


  • Support annotations for Charts #1526
  • Simplified Chinese translation #1516
  • Method for display the day of the week in charts
  • Method for using the component in TD #1489
  • Missing Spanish translation #1495


  • Table error when pagination is missing
  • Used actual methods instead of outdated
  • Clarification that could confuse new users #86
  • Corrected/Optimized German translation #1496

Orchid CRUD


  • Breadcrumbs for resources
  • Description for resources #21
  • Method for hidden resource in navigation #16
  • Setting up pagination for a resource #11


  • Highlighting the active element when creating and editing
  • It is not possible to use Group in a resource #15
  • Issue with _retrieved_at on resource edit #13

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